Sarana Community Acupuncture


First visit paperwork fee $10
Acupuncture sliding scale $20—40
Child acupuncture treatment age of child—$1 per year
Herb/Nutrition/Self-care consultation sliding scale $20—40
Missed appointment without 24-hour notice $20
 Available in 10 min increments up to 1 hour
 Missed appointments are billed at the full rate
$1/min—minimum 10 min

We accept cash, checks, Visa and MasterCard. If you are paying with cash, please bring exact change for the amount you wish to pay.

Our fees are set to enable you to receive acupuncture regularly enough to get and stay better. Within the sliding scale range, you determine what you wish to pay. We don’t do needs-assessments, grant applications, or insurance billing, but you can get a receipt if you want to be reimbursed by your insurance.

Business Hours & Practitioner Schedule

Monday   Pam Chang 9:30 am — 2 pm
  Amy Chang 2 — 6:30 pm
  Sally Nelson (massage) 3 — 6 pm
Tuesday   Tatyana Ryevzina 9:30 am — 2 pm
  Pam Chang 2 — 6:30 pm
Wednesday   Amanda Quvus 9:30 am — 2 pm
  Amy Chang 2 — 6:30 pm
Thursday   Pam Chang 11 am — 3 pm
  Tatyana Ryevzina 3 — 7 pm
Friday   Amanda Quvus 11 am — 3 pm
  Tatyana Ryevzina 3 — 7 pm
  Sarah Lovett (massage) 3 — 6 pm
Saturday   Amanda Quvus 10 am — 2 pm
Sunday   Amy Chang 10 am — 2 pm
     schedule is for acupuncture unless otherwise noted
     closing time shown is the time the last appointment begins

Occasionally we substitute for each other. While substitutions are not reflected in our online appointment calendar, we make every effort to notify you by posting the changes at the clinic and in the blog and news area of our website.